Joseph Callaghan - Portfolio

I created this 3D model using 3DS Max

I made this simple animation in 3ds max by using Rayfire to fragment the pyramid and made two primitives hit the pyramid at different times.

This is the TV length advertisement I made for Unit 62- Digital Video Production

Unit 19 - Digital Graphics for Interactive Media

Applications of Interactive media

File extensions and compression types

Theory of interactive media

Unit 6 - Critical Approaches to Creative Media Products LO4.

My brief was to create a game review that would be a feature article used in a magazine. I was told to create the review using industry standard tools and to a professional standard, to make the review I used Photoshop CC and Microsoft Word.

Landscape Studies

This is the start of my landscape studies from pictures that I have just started and this piece is not finished yet.

Anatomy Studies

These are the start of my anatomy studies. Academic Proportions(Left) Idealistic Proportions(Right)

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