BWk - Desert Climate

Ronak Patel
Period 3
May 9, 2014

This is the Gobi Desert in Mongolia. This would fall under the BWk Climate.


- A BWk climate is a dry climate with no permanent rivers.

- It is an arid climate and it receives less than 250 millimeters of rain per year.

-It is a dry and cold climate with an average yearly temperature of less than 18 degrees Celsius.

-During winter, the low temperatures frequently go below 0 degrees Celsius.


- This climate is found in mid-latitude areas from the Caspian Sea eastward to northern China, Mongolia, and parts of southern South America.

-The map below shows the location of BWk climates. They are in pink.

Temperature and Precipitation

This is the average high and low temperature in O'mnogovi, Mongolia. It can get fairly warm in summer (upwards of 70 degrees Fahrenheit) but it can get frigid in winter (down to -20 degrees Fahrenheit) . It is fairly dry in summer and wet in winter. This is humidity, but as is showed below, it very rarely rains.

This is the average precipitation in O'mnogovi, Mongolia. It is very dry and it gets very little rain year-round.

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