Can A Society Succeed Without Love

Katie Alvarado

Love is an important ingredient of every living person in this world. Our world and everything were the outcome love. Love is the basis of our lives because to love and to know love is the single greatest gift we can experience. In 1984, there existed no love, People would get married and have kids without love. When women would have a baby, the baby would come out aggressive and their mother would not show them love. Men would not care about their wives and other kids and children would not care about their parents either. So can a society succeed with love?.

Their would be a lot of misunderstanding and a lot of emptiness because there wouldn't be love in us. Love binds us all and drives us forward and gives our society energy. Its the creation of every living thing in this world.” (Sherlyn Bucad )

With out love we would have so much hate in us and a lot of misunderstandings, hatred and jealousy but where there is love there is harmony and balance in the world.

Love is important to our society because with love there is less violence in our community and less hate, there will be more understanding things.It also important in our society because love builds up relationships and friendships with other people and there wouldn't be no anger or depression.

It is also important to me because love makes me who i am and a good person because if i didn't have love i would be happy, and i would always act aggressive towards other people.

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