How to Eat Healthy

By looking at each countries methods of representing what the daily diet should look like, there are clear similarities and difference found between many countries. To start off, all of the countries put an explicit importance on the amount of water that people should be drinking on a daily basis. Then it is clear that each country uses colors to display different things. In most countries, the green section represents vegetables and is often the biggest section of the daily food allotment. One difference here is how some countries separate fruit and vegetables showing how the country views the amount of sugar in fruit as a bad thing and therefore valuing less that vegetables. Similarly, the yellow or gold section that represents grains or carbs is almost always the next biggest, or sometimes the biggest, section on each country's respective charts. Here is where the carts start to differ between one country to another. Meat is viewed differently and every culture and therefore it holds a different importance in every culture. For example, in the United States, meat is viewed as a single entity while in places like Greece, meat is separated into fish, chicken, and red meat. I believe that all of this is cultural based on what the society has readily available or what different religions or society deems acceptable. Generally the next biggest segment is dairy which is next to sugar as the least necessary part of a daily diet.

It is also important to note the geometric structure of each structure. Most countries have a pyramid type shape or something that tapers in order to clearly show which food should occupy a bigger part of the diet. Countries that do not implement this system have generally less clear models. Usually the taper method allows the reader to view what should be consumed in greater quantity. Hungary, Haiti, and Canada are three such countries that do not have clear structures and it is very unclear what the society views as most important to a healthy diet.

I believe that nobody fits these molds perfectly. Every individual's body requires different amounts of each food group to function perfectly and therefore a person must start with one of these models and adjust it to whatever works best for them.