Olivia's Wonderful Book Of Poems

I Come From Poem

I Come From

By Olivia G

I come from playing cops and robbers at warm nights

I come from having dinner with my family

I come from riding horses at my grandmas house

I come from family coming to our birthdays

I come from shopping with my grandma for my birthday

I come from staying up till midnight with my friends

I come from early morning bike rides

I come from spending hours at the pool

I come from playing neighborhood baseball in warm nights

I come from playing ghost in the graveyard late at night

I come from going to the final four basketball games

I come from going to church every Sunday

I come from learning family and friends will always be there for you

My Important Thing

My Important Thing

By Olivia G

The important thing about metal is that you win when you get a metal.

It is shiny and it is round but the Important thing about a metal is that you win when you get a metal

Acrostic Poem

Acrostic Poem

By Olivia G.

Obviously awesome

Loves Running

Is Smart

Very Encouraging

Is Active

Always on Time

Diamond Poem

Diamond Poem

By Olivia G.


Cold, Flavorful

Licking, Dripping, Bitting

Outside, Sun, Chilled

Dripping, Sipping, Slurping

Ice Cold, Cooled off



I saw a Butterfly fly so High

Even so  he looks like a Fly

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