mLearning in the Elementary Classroom

A few apps to help your students have a fun educational mLearning experience


What is it: Students are able to record their voice to a puppet and then send it to friends or play it back for themselves.

How can it be used: This could be used as a fun and interactive way for students to create a short story about any subject and share it with the class. This would help the class learn about the subject from each other while having fun at the same time.

Journal Jar

What is it: Students shake their device and are then given a question or topic to journal about.

How can it be used: This app is perfect for a Language Arts journal. Students will have fun getting new and interesting things to write about every day. They can simply read the question off the device and then answer it in their journal. It also improves literacy and writing skills.


What is it: This app allows students to take a picture with their device and then write a story about it.

How can it be used: This is another app that would be perfect for journaling and improving writing skills. You could ask students to take a picture of their favourite toy and then explain why it means so much to them. You could even have a show and tell using this app.

Comic Head

What is it: Students are able to use this app to create comics about anything they choose.

How can it be used: You could ask students to use the app to create a comic about almost any topic you wish. You could even have them do something like an animal report for science using this. They could put their animal in the comic and then use their creativity to explain about the animal through the comic.


What is it: Students are able to create a detailed book about anything. They are able to take classic books and edit them however they please.

How can it be used: This would be great for a first day of school project. You could have each student create a story all about themselves and use it to introduce themselves to each other and to the teacher.

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