This is a clay model of Nerva. He was born on November 8th 30 A.D in Italy and died January 27th 98 A.D in Rome. Nerva became emperor at age 65, after a lifetime of imperial service under Nero and the rulers of the Flavian dynasty. When Nerva became emperor he swore not to execute senators. Nerva's grandfather was an emperor.

This is a clay model of Nerva sitting in a chair. Nerva was, it would seem, the ultimate committee man. He was not, apparently, a great orator. and one orator has the impression that he functioned better in small groups. Nerva was the best five emperors.

This is Nerva's father. He was an roman empire. And his aunt was the great-granddaughter of emperor Tiberius. His father was wealthy lawyer. His grandfather had been a member of the imperial entourage at the time of Nerva's birth.

This is the coin of Nerva. It was made in October 97 A.D.They made it to support him. He was one of the best five emperors, that was a reason they supported him.The coin was made out of gold.