How the movie Forrest Gump can help raise awareness

Very often, we go to movies to have a great time and change our minds. However, there are some movies that can really touch us and also give us some great life lessons. I think a movie can do much better to sensitize people about a cause than any campaign, conference or anything else.

If you haven’t the fantastic movie Forrest Gump, go see it! Jokes apart, the movie tells the story of Forrest Gump, a lightly mentally retarded who tells us his life. During his journey, he always ended up crossing Jenny’s path. Jenny is Forrest Gump’s first, and only, love. Jenny has had a pretty rough life: she was sexually abused by her father as a child.  She really has been affected by this. Most of her life, she had risky behaviour: taking drugs, having sex with many people and living a hippy life. Later, we learn that she has «some kind of virus and the doctors don't know what it is and there's nothing they can do about it» and she dies of it. Even though it is not clearly said, we can assume it is HIV/AIDS.

In general, I am the type of person who is more affected by touching stories than boring, but still choking, facts. In a movie, I can relate to the characters, fell sorry for them, and after that, start being more aware about the tragedies that are happening everywhere around me. I used to think that if people got AIDS, it was because they were not well educated or because they did not care enough to be careful. The movie Forrest Gump changed my mind. I really felt sorry for Jenny because, even though she did not always make smart choices, her childhood really ruined her mentally (she almost killed herself). She was very alone and sad and the only things she found to feel less empty were mens and drugs. I am pretty sure that, if she was loved as a child, she would have had a great life and would probably not have been sick.

This movie made me realize I am a very lucky to be healthy physically and mentally. Therefore, I think everybody must try his best to be tolerant because we never know what the other is going through.

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