Welcome to Integrated Business Applications I

General Information

In this course we will be covering Microsoft Office. The 4 applications that we will discuss will be Access, Excel, PowerPoint, and Word.

Microsoft Word

Our first application is Microsoft Word. This is a word processing application that you will be expected to create brochures, newsletters, as well as being able to format a document. We will discuss Microsoft Word for approximately 6 weeks.

Microsoft Access

Our next application is Microsoft Access. This is a database application. In this application you will be expected to create a working database from scratch. You will create 4 objects: Table, Form, Queries, and Report. We will cover Access approximately 1 and 1/2 weeks.

Microsoft Excel.

Our 3rd application will be Microsoft Excel. This is a spreadsheet application software. We will use formulas and functions within the spreadsheet. We will also create charts and graphs.

Microsoft PowerPoint

This will be our final application that will be used for presentation. We will be in this application for approximately 2 weeks. Everyone will be required to present.

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