Pizzaland is in a small island off the coast of Italy.It was founded by John Hut Pizza in August, 25, 1932. Sr.Pizza was on his steam boat when he saw a small island on 1930. He headed to the island and saw that there was no people living there so Sr.Pizza marked that is territory. 2 years later is family, best friends,and him moved to his island.

Pizzaland is a mild climate. In the summer it is around 75 to 85 degrees swimming, eating ice cream is enjoyable.In this season it rains every evening .In fall it is around 65 to 75 degrees and being outside is the best thing to do.In winter it is about 45 to 55 degrees, and about twice a month it snows.In spring it is almost the same as fall but just a little colder.

The shelters in Pizzaland are modern. Pizzaland has 6 cities in total 5 of the cities are big and only one is small. the big city names are Johnim, Hutinisa, Cacho de Pizza, and the capital is Pizzalandia. the small city's name is Pequena Pizza.The houses are modern and so are the cities.

In Pizzaland the most popular sport is Basketball. This sport is almost played by everyone. The second two sports are soccer and football. In Pizzaland there is movie theaters every where because movies are so popular that the demand for movies where very big. The most music played is all kinds since there is so many nationalities.

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