Christmas day surprises

Christmas day is almost here  

Christmas is almost here it the time of year for Christmas trees ,turkey and more exciting things but the hardest part is knowing what your going to get someone for Christmas weather its a friend, a brother/sister or partner/girlfriend/ boyfriend there are wide range of different things that have come out this year ready for Christmas weather its a dvd a cd or even a perfume/make up range.

so we've come up with a full prof idea to this Christmas and future Christmases much easier present wise if it is your child your trying to figure a present for well if there 5 or  under or still believe in Santa Claus then get them to write a letter to the man himself Santa and tell them to put it under the Christmas tree if you have if not tell them to put somewhere else then when there later in bed asleep get the letter from under the tree or wherever they put It and have a little read some people might say it is a invasion of privacy if you do not feel committable  with this method then do not try it it is just so you know what they would like for Christmas.

I am guarantied this will make Christmas easier until they stop believing in Santa :D

 by Alina and emma  

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