Los modismos

By: Jamal Brown and Ashely Bornkamp

1. Tomar el pelo

  • Spanish Meaning: When you're teasing/joking with someone.
  • Literal Meaning: To take the hair.
  • Origin: This originates from when someone was imprisoned or in the military. One of the initial steps is to cut their hair off. Their intentions were based off of both hygiene and out of authoritative power.

2. Ser pan comido

  • Spanish Meaning: Means that something is very easy to do
  • Literal Meaning: To be bread eaten
  • Origin: This comes from Spanish culture because bread was a basic and fundamental food. Something is "easy as bread" because bread was easy and convenient to get.

3. Estar como una cabra

  • Spanish Meaning: Someone acting crazy
  • Literal Meaning: To be like a goat
  • Origin: This originated from goats and their babies. When a goat is a baby, it runs wild. So saying that someone is acting like a goat is saying that they are acting crazy.

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