Internet Timeline

From Internet to Instagram

The Internet has advanced quite a lot since 1969. Although this timeline doesn't show it, the Internet began as a system of four computers, called DARPANET. This turned into ARPANET in 1969, and that turned into MILNET. ETHERNET was created between 1973-1974. Then, in the early 1980's, Internet was created, and led to many websites, applications, and networks we know today. These include social media, like Facebook and Twitter, shopping websites like Amazon and ebay, and video/photo apps like Youtube and Instagram. The Internet is sure to bring us plenty more advancements in the future to make the complicated simple and the hard to find, found in the click of a button!


ARPANET was basically the beginning of the Internet's journey. It was designed by United States Defense Advanced Research Project Agency, or ARPA for short.


Vinton Cerf and Robert Kahn are considered the inventors of the Internet. The published it in December of 1974 with the help of two others.


Did you know? 70% of Internet users search the web every single day.

1994- YAHOO

Used to be called Jerry and David's Guide to the World Wide Web, but in April of 1994 they renamed it "Yahoo!".

1995- JAVA

Led by James Gosling, a group of engineers created the programming language known as Java.

1998- GOOGLE

The search system known as Google was named after the word "Googol", which represents 1 with 100 zeros. The used this to explain their goal to create a seemingly infinite lot of information available on the web.

2003- iTUNES

In their first week of business, iTunes sold one million songs!


This popular social network used to be called 'the facebook" but was changed later on to "". The address was bought for $200,000!


If you love watching videos, you've most likely heard of Youtube. Today, users bring in over two billion views, every day.


These two popular apps began in 2009. Pinterest's founder, Ben Silbermann, was going to be a doctor, but then (thank goodness) had the idea for Pinterest. Instagram was created, and then launched the next year and became the #1 photo social platform.

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