At the beginning of the course, students will be creating a blog. This blog will be published so that classmates can read and comment on it. Each week, students will be given a lesson in moodle which will give them their blog prompt for the week. Students will be required to write in their blog at least once a week. Some prompts will be free write, while others will be anchored in the content of the class. Not only will students have to blog, but they will be required to read and respond to a classmates blog post. This lesson will address the pedagogical problem of student collaboration and interaction. Students will also be assigned to edit each others blogs throughout the year. Students will keep writing in this blog over the course of the entire year. Students will be writing, evaluating themselves and others, expressing feelings and opinions, creating, comparing ideas, collaborating, sharing, and much more. This platform allows for endless opportunities. I will assess students each week. Some posts will be graded on correctness when they pertain to specific works we are reading in the course. Other posts will be graded upon the students effort to express themselves. Also, students will integrate other forms of technology into their blog depending on the lesson. They will be required to incorporate text, pictures, and videos. Students will be learning at the redefining level of SAMR. They will be communicating with the world at large when they post to their blog. These lessons are also embedded in technology through the use of blogging.