Jamal Edwards

Amateur film-maker turned multimillionaire

Jamal Edwards a 24 years old man born on  the 24th August 1990 . Jamal is the owner of SBTV, a broadcasting company that makes videos - typically music videos featuring rap and pop music stars - and puts them up on YouTube attracting millions of hits. He was 15 when his parents gave him a camera as a Christmas present so he started to film friends rapping or singing.Leaving school and getting a job in clothing company Top-man, Jamal continued to make videos avidly in his spare time.As word of mouth spread, his videos on YouTube, put up under the name SBTV (the SB stands for Smokey-Barz, Jamal's own rapping nickname) started to get hundreds of thousands of hits, predominantly from 13- to 30-year-old. And so Jamal contacted YouTube to see if he was eligible for a share of advertising revenues.YouTube, owned by internet search engine giant, Google, turned him down three times, but Jamal persisted. YouTube ultimately agreed after he was able to prove that all the videos he was uploading were original content that he had made himself. Soon Jamal was able to quit Top-man and run SBTV on a full-time basis.

Facts about Jamal;

  • Source of Wealth: Music, Internet
  • Full Name: Jamal Edwards
  • Nationality: United Kingdom
  • Occupation: Businessman, Produce

This is an example of his videos

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