Happy New Year

2013 was great...
but we can't wait for 2014

Josh celebrated his first birthday and also had eye surgery. Our little baby quickly grew up into an amazing little toddler who keeps us laughing and smiling. He has become an independent, quick learner and adores his big brother. Every day he does something new and shows us more and more of his personality. He will take full advantage of our yard and pool one day- cannonballs off the two story deck are in his future!

Joe turned four, had his first camp out in the tent and finally learned to swim. He also has a short hospital trip for staples in his head and was the cutest Grinch for Halloween! Joe officially grew up this year and is too cool for his best friends a.k.a squirrel one and two. Instead he now has friends at St. Francis where he goes to preschool, but only the boys of course,girls are gross he said.

Chris and I turned 30 and we celebrated our five year anniversary this summer. We spent a few weekends at the lake house, took the boys on short day trips including the aquarium and many festivals! Both our jobs presented challenges and rewards that we never saw coming. Throughout it all we kept our priority of the boys first and we are lucky enough to have two happy, healthy nuts! We are beyond blessed, thankful for our family and friends and excited for the future!!

May 2014 be a year full of love!

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