World war 1 photo essay

The true start of all the conflict was from the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand the Austro-Hungarian heir and the three major alliances as shown above.

This beaut came out on sea battling. It was an extreme advancement due to it being able to launch as a far as 16 feet.
In the picture above this is the introduction of the flame thrower. Brought in by the Germans in 1901.

One of the cons of being a soldier that there is 100% possibility to get seriously injured and killed, not to mention that after a few long days on the battle field this is what the infirmary looked like as the aftermath.

In this photo above is Trench foot. And it honestly feels worse than it looks. This was a soldiers worst nightmare as well, due to having to be in a dirty and dingy trench all day with all the water, mud and any other form of moisture you can imagine, it caused a form of extreme athlete's foot.

Battling was not only fought on the battling fields, it was fought anywhere. In which made civilians lives extremely hard. This cannon is shooting from someones house and seen above parts of the house has been destructed.

Common propaganda that was strongly suggested. The soldiers didn't have any food and they needed anything they get, not to mention that bread held calories which were key for their bodies. Given the fact that they had to be in a trench for long hours sitting and waiting.

The aftermath was extremely brutal. It took out multiple small houses and the people that lived in them. Left certain small cities in bankrupt and some of them in so much destruction that it was no longer in living conditions.

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