Cell VS. Car

Mitochondria- Engine

It converts gasoline to energy.

Nucleus- Computer

It directs all the activity in the car.

Cytoplasm- Car Frame

It holds the car together.

Cell Wall- Car Body

It is the outside of the car.

Chloroplast AND Ribosomes - Gas

It keeps the car running.

Vacuole- Trunk

It provides storage for the driver.

ER AND Golgi Bodies- Car pipes and wires

They transport energy and gas.

Cell Membrane- Car door

Allows people to come in or out.

Nuclear Membrane- Car cockpit

It separates the people from the engine.

If The Nucleus(Engine) Stopped Working

If the engine stopped working the car would be useless because the engine is what makes the car move.

It affects the whole system because without no engine, the car wont run.

The car and the cell are similar because they both have something that controls them.