2 Hurricanes and 3 Heros



        What is a hero?  What do they do?  We'll answer that later, but let me tell you about three children who've inspired and helped people in many different ways.   They've been through a lot, and maybe by the end of reading this you may relate to the stories. The stories are "Bringing Hope To Sandy Survivors", with Ariel Creamer, "Surviving Hurricane Sandy", with Matt Corrigan, and lastly "Deamonte Love" with Deamonte Love.  Here are the comparisons and similarities to all three of these stories.

       In "Bringing Hope To Survivors", Ariel Creamer, a 14 year old whose community was destroyed on October 29, 2012 by Hurricane Sandy is a hero to all of the people in her area.  Rockaway, NY was devastated and she wanted to help.  She started a program that helped kids who lost basically their childhood, and donated things to them.  Her program was called Silver Lining Survivors.  Way before this all started, her and her family were in their home when they heard a hurricane evacuation alert.  Her and her family went to go stay at a family's house.  They came back to see their community in ruins.  It was devastating, their house was in better shape than most besides their flooded basement. Ariels's parents took her to a family's house in Chicago so they can clean up the house while she is away.  Ten days later she came back and saw everyone helping, so she wanted to help.  That's how she got started with her program today.  She achieved so much with helping that she got an award from the president of the United States.  Ariel Creamer still is helping as much people as she can.

       In "Surviving Hurricane Sandy", Matt Corrigan, a 17 year old whose community was also destructed on October 29, 2012 by Hurricane Sandy is a hero to all people of his area.  He saved some of his neighbors from the hurricane.  Matt saved a mom, and a grandma.  He thought about others other than himself.   Before all of this happened Matt and his family were in the living room when a hurricane evacuation alert came on.  Matt's family was about to leave, but they decided to wait awhile.  They didn't leave right away because they always had hurricane warnings in the area.  Their stalling got them in trouble, it was too late to go anywhere.  Matt and his brother desperately try to prevent flooding.  It was no use, their basement started to flood.  As a result they had to take their belongings to higher ground. They didn't know if the house could stand, so they went to a neighbors house.  As Matt made his way through the waist deep water, he saw people in great need of help. He went and saved them, and brought them to safety.  They camped out in the neighbors house, because it was safer.  They were so scared because they saw house fires almost in every direction.  When it was over they went out to see everything in ruins, including their house.  Matt's family is continuing to fix their house and the community.  Matt is a big hero to Rockaway, NY.  He only hopes the community will be the same again.

      In "Deamonte Love", Deamonte Love, a 6 year old is a hero to six children.  During the after math of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, Deamonte and his cousins had to separate from their family because there wasn't enough room on the helicopter to escape from the ruins.  Their parents didn't want to leave them out there by themselves, but it was a life or death situation, so they did whats right. They wanted more than no electricity, no food, and no running water. The last thing Deamonte's mom said to him was to "watch out for the kids". The kids with Deamonte were no older than 1 month - 3 years old. So they went to Baton Rogue. When asked details about the seven, no one answered, but Deamonte.  He gave the statistics of the whole family.  It turns out the kids with him were his brother Darynael, his two cousins, Zoria and Tyreek.  The other three were kids in his apartment.  They finally got in contact with their parents. The parents happened to see them on a website for missing and exploited children. They contacted them and found their children. Deamonte Love's parents were ecstatic,  they missed them.  Everyone asks how did this little boy do it?  The only thing that kept him going was love, courage, and discipline.

             To end with, the similarities between these stories are very similar.  The three children are all heroes in some way.  They were very important hurricanes in history.  They physically and creatively helped people.  The only differences are the settings, scenes, and different ways the events happened.  These are our child heroes alike and different.

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