UTA Field Trip

Aytana Najera


  When I went to UTA on Tuesday, I was thrilled to go. The campus was nice even though it was raining.

My favorite part of the trip was seeing the two girls preforming some science experiments. The science experiment i enjoyed the most was when she put fire on her hand. It was pretty cool to watch that.

I didnt like that they made us sit on the floor. My back started hurting a lot, which made me want to leave. I also bothered me that we ate so late. I'm used to eating around 11:30 ,but we ate at 12:30. So, my stomach started to hurt a little during the presitation.

I would recamend to see the campus next year. I didnt get to take the campus tour because it was raining. I also recamend siting pon chairs, not the floor. If we sat on chairs, I would have enjoyed the presitation better.

I would consiter going to UTA in the furture. They have a really nice campus , and UTA is a really good school. I think UTA would help me succed in the carrer I want to do.

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