Welcome to the Future

of Learning @ CIS Hangzhou

The Future of Learning ... what do we think of when we hear this?

This is NOT The Future of Education ... what is the difference?

The Future of Learning Institute @ Harvard

250 educators from around the world gathered to ask, 'In our rapidly changing world and with our new understandings of the brain, advances in digital technologies and an increasingly interconnected, globalised society how can we RETHINK and RECREATE why we learn, what we learn and how we learn it?'

The 3 Strands

The Throughlines

Learning that Matters ...

Gandhi's Sandal ...

What is learning that matters?

The Six Beyonds ...

  1. Beyond local
  2. Beyond content
  3. Beyond topics
  4. Beyond discrete disciplines
  5. Beyond traditional disciplines
  6. Beyond prescribed studies

Education presents 2 problems: an engineering problem, and a metaphysical problem ...

The Learning that Matters Test ...

  • Insight
  • Action
  • Ethics
  • Opportunity

Asking 'What Learning Matters?' forces us to also ask 'What and how are we learning to be and become?'

How do we gain and apply neuroscience knowledge of complex learning experiences in real learning contexts?

  • learning involves significant changes in the brain that are deeply and subtly affected by a vast network of inter-related factors
  • access to brains in complex learning experiences is limited, but technologies are advancing rapidly
  • what knowledge of the brain do we already have, and are we already applying?

How do we leverage technologies and our interconnected world to support learners in taking control of their own learning, making it LIFE LONG and LIFE WIDE?

How do support students in discovering and developing their interests and passions, and  in using these to connect and deepen their learning ... in school and beyond?

Future of Learning Team @ CIS

Every year, for the past few years, CIS sends a few members of the community to Harvard's Graduate School of Education and the Future of Learning Institute.  Nearly 30 members of the CIS community are part of the Future of Learning (FoL) Team.  We come from across primary and secondary, all subject areas, and from classroom teacher and tech facilitators to upper levels of administration and governors.  We are beginning our 2nd year of a 5 year review and design process that will hopefully result in CIS 'leading the way' into the future of learning.  We will meet monthly throughout this year share our ideas, research and findings drawn from multiple focus groups (one of which is CIS Hangzhou).

Design Thinking for Educators

Process: Design Thinking and Future of Learning @ CIS

The Future of Learning @ CIS Hangzhou

What can we do to foster this conversation, action and reflection here in Hangzhou?