The Tough
Fannie Lou Hamer

Fannie Lou Hamer was just like my title; she was tough. Hamer was born on October 6, 1917, in Montgomery County, Mississippi. At around age twelve Hamer dropped out of school to work full time and to help out her family. Although she had a job and lived and also worked on a cotton plantation, she soon was fired and driven from the plantation because she registered to vote. Soon, Fannie Lou Hamer dedicated her life to fight for civil rights, working for the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. She was threatened, arrested, beaten, and shot at. In 1963, Hamer was severely injured in a Winona, Mississippi Jail. She was beaten so badly that she suffered permanent kidney damage. In 1964, Hamer helped found the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party. She also set up different organizations to increase business opportunities. Sadly, Hamer died from breast cancer after she was diagnosed with it.

Fannie Lou Hamer did a lot for her civil rights and is still an important person in history. She was a tough woman and could not/ would not leave without achieving something. She was also brave. To surgery to breast cancer- it seems as if she wouldn't fall even with the most forceful push. The most important thing that stuck out to me was that she did things for people, not for herself. She helped her family at a young age and dedicated her life so others wouldn't have to.

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