A battery that makes cents

By:Hailey & Nayon


Are question is that we will make a battery out of coins & we will see wich type of coin will make the best battery & conduct the most electricity.


We think that the quarter will conduct the most electricty because it has a bigger mass & it is made up with metal wich is a great conducter of electricty.


You will need 4 pinnies,4 nickles,4 quarters,4 dimes,mild dish soap,vinegar(any kind 1/4 of a cup),salt(one tbsp),small bowl,small plate(ceramic,plastic,or styrofoam,NOT PAPER OR METAL),digital multimeter(any kind that reads ma & mv),paper towels(2),& sissors.


Step 1.You will have to lay out all of your materials so that you will have them in reach.

Step 2.In a small bowl,mix together 1/4 c of vinegar(electrolyte)& one tbsp of salt(ions).

Step 3.Using scissors,cut up a paper towel into small squares,each approximately 1cm +1cm.

Step 4.Gather you