lizabeth romero

My first thought when I arrived at UTA was how giant the school was and better yet when we went inside I was so amazed on how the inside looked. There was ups and downs that day of the field trip but overall it Was a good trip so let me tell you about it. The instant we got their me and my friends were so curious on how the inside looked we ran to see. It was wide, huge , and big .We didn't expect on not going around campus which was a a total bummer because we took umbrellas to cover us from the rain but I guess it didn't really matter because we didn't use them at all.My most favorite part of the day was when we ate lunch because we were hungry and starving so when the science show was over we were glad because we got to eat but also it was a good science show.Next , the least favorite part of the day was when they asked the student panel questions because I didn't get  to ask my question . My suggestions for next year are to make sure that it is not going to rain because it was boring without the campus tour. Would I consider going to UTA? Yes I would consider going to UTA because it seams like a good place to go and learn about being what I want to be . UTA is a  good college and u should consider going in the future.

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