Chief Standing Bear

by Luke R.

This this is chief Standing Bear!

Who is Standing Bear?

Standing Bear is a chief of a small tribe the ponca.Standing Bear used words instead of violence.He wanted freedom for native Americans and that they get their land.Standing Bear was born around 1804!

This is a photo of Standing bear's tribe the ponca!

His tribe the Ponca!

He was in the tribe the Ponca.The Ponca lived along the Niobrara river.They also lived with the Omaha.They were nomadic.They knew how to build earth loges and tipis!

Standing Bear's famous speech.

Standing Bears speech!

This is the speech that he said when he got arrested and put in court.He used words in sted of violence.This is one of the things that made him famous.

This is a pitcher of the niobrara river it's at the top of the state.

Standing Bear's Death!

Standing Bear died in 1908.His death is unknown!His son died when he was 16 years old.He died by sickness and was brought back to where he was born to be berried this is the other thing that made him famous.

This is standing bear!


Standing bear was a hero.He used words instead of violence.He was a chief in Nebraska and he was a good chief.Next time remember use words instead if violence!