Dr. Emmanuela Wolloch Specializes In Osteoporosis Management And Prevention In Miami

This press release informs the readers that Dr. Emmanuela Wolloch specializes in osteoporosis management and prevention in Miami.

Holistic Women Care is a top holistic practice based in Miami that specializes in treating problems using a broad range of medical as well as holistic methods. The professionals at the center use a more natural, comprehensive, and a sensible approach that meets the health and other specific wellness needs of women. It offers a wide range of services including hormone saliva testing, blood testing, detoxification of heavy metals, urine testing, pelvic ultrasound, problems related to osteoporosis, weight management, gynecology, and a lot more. The professionals at the practice are committed to providing a safe, holistic, and natural approach to treat women of all ages.

Dr. Emmanuela Wolloch is a highly sought after doctor for osteoporosis management and prevention in Miami. Osteoporosis is an illness that is characterized by structural deterioration of bone tissue and low bone mass, which can lead to bone delicacy and an increased susceptibility to fractures, particularly of the spine, wrist, and hip. Dr. Wolloch provides ways that can help patients prevent osteoporosis.

About Holistic Women Care

Holistic Women Care is a specialized holistic medicine clinic that deals in the treatment of women. The practice is headed by founder Dr. Emmanuela Wolloch who is a visionary in her own right. She recognized the need to re-evaluate the true meaning of health and well being, which does not always follow in line with conventional medical practices. She is a board certified OB/GYN, and has a specialty in peri-menopausal and menopausal issues. She also takes a keen interest in Integrative Medicine including Disease Prevention, Women’s Health, Bio-Identical Hormones & Holistic Living. She has been in private practice since 1991 and practices in North Miami. For more details about anti aging hormones, please feel free to call visit their website at http://www.holisticwomencare.com or to call on 305 935 8775.

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