Texas Oil

By: Natalie Bountom

Discovery of oil at Spindletop

  Pattillo Higgens went to a Spindletop and believed there was oil under its salt dome. He organized to buy Spindletop Hill and create the Gladys City Oil, Gas, and Manufacturing Company. Higgins resigned from the company because of many failed attempts to find oil. He still believed that there was oil under Spindletop. Higgins made Ads, newspaper, magazines, and journals to find geologist and engineers who would find the oil. One of Higgins ad caught the attention of a engineer Anthony Lucas. Lucas began drilling at Spindletop and hit the largest reserve of oil the world had ever seen.

When and where did Texas experience oil booms or discoveries, besides Spindletop?

   In Nacogdoches County was the first successful drill in Texas. As the first significant oil supply in the state, the Corsicana discovery encouraged drilling across East Texas.  There was also gas found at Laredo, Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Amarillo, Yates, Longview, Batson, Humble, Liberty, Sour lake, Hull, and more. Most of these were oil/natural gas fields. Companies were drilling to find oil and then they started pumping oil.

What products are made of petroleum?

    People use on a daily basis- Beads, Purses, Umbrellas, Earrings, Flip flops, Raincoats, Bracelets, Sneakers, Sweaters, and Ball point pens.

Gross- Dresses, hand lotion, lipstick

Social changes-

  Population growth, growth of many cities, building schools, paving roads

           The population, new industries, and the economy grew at astounding rates

Education- Kids got more educated and more schools were built. Houstonian Hugh Roy Cullen donated more than 11 million of his oil fortune to the University of Houston. The oil industry has supported public education to Texas. The University of Texas and A&M have received millions of dollars in oil profit through the states  permanent University fund.

  Effects today because of Oil found at Spindletop-

     It led to the creation of some 600 oil companies, including later giant such as Texaco, Gulf, and Mobli. It inspired a statewide search for oil and a dramatic shift to an economy in Texas.


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