Inferences of "This is the Pumpkin"
by Abby Levine
Brooke Parker

Saying: This is the costume, ghastly and green, that Max and his mom made for halloween.                                                                                                                             Inference: I think Max likes the color green and that it makes him look like he is hiding in a bush.

Inference: I think that dad is enjoying watching max and his sister clean the pumpkin. i Also think he his supervising them so that they don't completely make a mess.  

Saying: This is the principal, wail as the west, twirling his lasso, a star on his vest.             Inference: I think that the principal is really country and he is really a sheriff when he's not at school.

Inference: I think Max and his little sister are sharing and/or trading their candy. i also think that maybe there are comparing their candy to see who has the most of which candy.

Saying: This is the van at the end of the block, that Max got in near eight o'clock.               Inference: I think that the van is the pick-up van to go to school for the parade that they had halloween night, then they left and went trick or treating.

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