creating a caring classroom

By : Jamuntrae Brown

positive realtionship

teachers help there student have a positive relationship with one another . Therefore, they show there real colors & personality to who the students really is inside. getting to know students you never met before would make things much calm and higher friendship level.


Students potential is maximized in a classroom that feels a sense of safety& respect. Meaning all student shouldn't be treated awkwardly, no matter whats there race, religion nor ; sexual orientation.,    

students involvment

once class is in orderly flow such as students already know what to do once class starts , well then ALL students should participate. so teachers can learn there students strengths and weaknesses. nobody would not learn if there no participants. most students like to prove there points so that's a good way to learn new things.

class identity

students should be familiar with one another. so projects & team class work would be great so students can get to know each other. also they can share  there heritages , and family background .and students would work much better together.

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