What I have learned

By: Katie Roche

Endocrine System
-Type 1 diabetes occurs when the pancreas cannot produce enough insulin
-The chemicals secreted by the endocrine gland are called hormones
-When the pituitary gland releases too much growth hormone, it can result in a very tall person.

Male Reproductive System
-Testes produce sperm
-The scrotum is a muscular sac that contains the testes
-Sperm mixes with secretion from the seminal vesicles, The prostrate gland, and the Cowper gland.

-ovaries contain the ova, or eggs and produce hormones
-During puberty, egg cells mature and are released by ovaries in a process called ovulation
-Menstruation usually lasts from 5 to 7 days and happens about every 28 days

Pregnancy and labor
-Amniotic sac is a fluid that surrounds the embryo
-prenatal care is occurring or existing before birth
-Obstetrician is a doctor who specializes in the care of pregnant mothers and their fetus

Female Reproductive system
-Ovaries contain the ova, or egg and produce hormones
-uterus shelters and nourishes the fetus
-New life is formed through the process of fertilization

-Hiv is spread from person to person
-Hiv is not spread by donating blood
-There is no cure for Hiv or Aids

-Syphilis is a bacterial Std that can damage the body's organs
-Gonorrhea is a bacterial Std the effects the mucous membranes
-Because treatment for Std vary, they must be accurately identified

-Avoid being alone on a date
-communicate your limits to a date
-Know how to respond to pressure

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