Thing 1 Quest 5

Safe and Secure

System security  is for taking responsibility and honesty to have respect for yours and other people's accounts. Viruses and anything harmful will not be permitted that will harm the network. You should not log in as other people, but only as yourself. For our protection any device brought to ACA may be search if anything is not allowed on campus at all.

Intellectual property and privacy is limited in what you can and can't do. Anything cannot be copyrighted only by the permission of the technology staff. No false information is allowed and sites need to be checked for privacy and security policies. Plagiarizing is not allowed and all rights of copyright owners will be respected.

Inappropriate language and harassment is not allowed because it may be personal or dangerous. Threatening is harmful and disrespectful on all of the devices at ACA. Public or private rumors will be spread that may not be true and hurt the victim. What may be posted may be rude and is violating the rules.