coronary artery disease

in some research researchers say that "250 genes play a role in cad(coronary artery disease)

it really be found in the environment

it could be in your daily lifestyle like smoking and secondhand smoking is bad for your lungs and your heart because the air is in the blood and once the air goes to your heart your heart is infected

treatments of this is to change lifestyle skill,medical procedures,and medicines

happens when the blood vessels that flows to the heart becomes very narrow

the blood will cause a blood clot and that person could die

there are treatable causes like daily exercise,good nutrition and weight control

copd(chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)

copd is a genetic condition known by "alpha-1 antitrypsin" or "AAT","deficiency"

this environmental because of pollution for example smoking and air pollutants

it's in your daily lifestyle because of when you smoke or air pollution

is main caused by smoking or tobacco

12.7 million adults has copd

there is no cure for copd but there are many way to keep the some bad symptoms from getting worst like stop smoking.

Alzheimer's disease

is sometimes a genetic disease

this is not environmental disease

it is in your daily lifestyle because you can develop it

a disease develop in your 80s

Alzheimer's is a disease for memory loss

combining of the genetics

many people(elderly) lose their memory do to this disease

there are treatment by taking many medicines