Poetry By Ronnie C. Wright

1. The Choice Worth Making
THREE choices stirred in a youthful mind,
And suddenly I had to live with one
And accept one's fate, as best I could
And take a leap of faith, knowing I should
Forge ahead into the haze; 5

To seek the wisdom, promising something rare,
And understanding beyond compare,
And grace making it more clear;
And truth standing openly as a dare
To assure me there's nothing to fear, 10

And on this day bearing fruit
Inspiring the sweet scent of blossoms.
"Go!," I heard the voice inside say
"Let faithful choice lead the way,
Be not afraid to stumble in the light." 15

Why do I feel so naturally high?
Why do I feel so naturally alive?
Three choices stirred in the heart, and —
Heart embraced the one stirred by love,
And love has inspired heart ever since. 20

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Ronnie C. Wright is an American poet and author of 17 books. His work titled The American Poet 'Walk With The Stars' was published from his journal after his historic 100 mile solo walk from Beverly Hills to Ojai, California, September 2011. He is well regarded for his inspiring words for self-improvement.