The Illiad

A Troy Story

The Iliad is an epic poem that is based around the Trojan War in Greek Mythology, also it is the prequel to The Odyssey. The Iliad takes place in Troy, which is modern day Turkey, around 750 B.C.E. The Iliad only covers a small portion of the Trojan War; it covers a few months during the tenth year of the war. It all starts as the three Gods Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite fight over who was the most beautiful. In doing so, they visited the prince of Troy, Paris, and had him choose the fairest of the three. Aphrodite is chosen and promises Paris the most beautiful woman as his bride, unfortunately Helen(the most beautiful woman in the world) was married to Menelaus, King of SPARTA!!!

Paris didn't care at all and kidnapped Helen and brought her back to Troy anyway. Of course Menelaus got mad and convinced Greece to go to war against Troy. With revenge in Menelaus's heart and the carelessness of Paris, who will the God's watch over in this war?

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