Exploration of the best for Spain!

Sahil Reddy

Your Majesty!

Your majesty, I hail from the noble country of Spain to ask you, King Ferdinand II of Aragon, for money to explore more of the new world and claim more land for Spain. The year I want to leave for my expedition is the year of 1512 AD. Your majesty, while I go on this amazing journey, I will find you gold, silver, and tobacco. But, Your majesty, while I am exploring the North American Continent, I will need a lot of your men to defend ourselves if we get attacked by the French, English, or Italians. Your majesty, when I encounter the other Europeans and the Natives, I will get your mens’ help to defeat many of them. On my journey to find you gold, silver, and tobacco, I will encounter many obstacles like ocean storms and big waves. Is it okay if you can give me some more money than usual to build an unsinkable ship? If all of this is okay for you my king, then, like promised I will find all the gold, silver, and tobacco in the world for Spain and my majestic king!


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