Reinforcement Schedules

By: Brandon Kinsler and Jordan Johnson

Fixed Ratio

Anytime you put money in a Candy Machine, you get candy. The reinforcement in this would be candy. You will always get then same amount of candy, if you put in the same amount of money.

Variable Ratio

A roulette wheel, you bet on a number (23)  you are not sure how full spins the wheel will make before it lands on your number. Then reinforcement in this is money.  

Fixed Interval

Inbetween classes, we only have Four minutes to reach our next class. The reinforcement in this would getting to class on time. With only Four minutes (being the fixed amount of time), we would have to arrive to class before the four minute mark. If we arrived past that timeframe, we would ben ate for class.

Variable Interval

When you need to fill up your gas tank if you drive a stick shift. Reinforcement is not running out of gas. You have no clue when you will need to  fill up your gas tank. You could be driving a lot and/or fast, which would make you haven on I'll your tank sooner rather than later if you drive like a grandmother.

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