End of year college project


Ivan Ibarra


4983 Abraham lincoln blvd.


Ivan Ibarra .com



To learn new skills, to work with other people. And to earn money.


Graduated pre-k  Robert f Kennedy

Graduated elementary Hershel Antwine

Graduated middle school hermando ms

Currently in high school pebble hills


June 1st-July 30th I did chores for people around my neighborhood and mowed lawns  and walked dogs.


I can communicate well with others

I'm a leader.

                 Letter of recommendation

To whom it may concern:

I would like to recommend Ivan Ibarra as a candidate for a position at pacsun. In her position as cashier . Ivan was employed in our store from 2006-2014. Ivan did an amazing job in this position and was a role idek to our employees here.

Ivan was always willing to help out other people when he didn't have to. He had a positive relationship with our employees and customers here. He was a strong asset to us and will be wherever he goes. That is why I recommend him at any store he chooses to pursue .

Yours truly

Alyssa Villa


                             Letter of intent

                     Ibarra, Ivan

                      4756 pebble hills blvd.

El Paso Texas 79931


I am a hardworking employee. I have a leadership that will helpe get the job done. I work well with others too. I help people when they need it. I will ask ways be there to do any work.

I was a cashier at pacsun before. But I would also help out customers when they needed it. I have a diploma from by past education which is pre-k through middle school. I think I would be a great asset to your company. I'm very hard working and always get the job done no mater what.