Protestant Reformation

By Jonah Gordon and Casie Wilford

Essential Question: How did the Protestant Reformation impact early Europe?

Challenges to the Sale of Indulgences

The sale of indulgence was a practice where the church would have donations that certified that your soul would enter heaven quicker, which means less time in Purgatory. Purgatory is where you are sent if you have sins and you died before repenting and atoning for all of your sins. It's like a bus stop you go to and finish your business before you get on the next bus to go to heaven. So, paying these indulgences means that you will have less time in Purgatory having an immediate ride to heaven. Though, Martin Luther thought it was odd that getting into heaven was connected to anything financial.


Martin Luther

Martin Luther

Martin Luther was a monk and he taught at the Catholic university in the German town of Wittenberg. He attempted to provoke a debate on reform by nailing a list of 95 theses to the door of Witt university cathedral.

Effects of the Reformation

It affected the growth of nationalism. It also affected modern view of politics and law. Political affected the Lutheran regions to be conservative along with strong central government. Protestants believed in democracy and citizens right to oppose tyranny by monarchs. Both Luther and Protestants avoided sexual relations with monks and nuns. Believed to participate in communities and family life. Most important, it was the holiness of daily life.

Counter Reformation

It refers to Catholic history in the 1500’s and the 1600’s. Two large movements were 1. a defensive reactions against the Reformation a movement begun by Martin Luther in 1517 that gave birth to Protestantism. 2. a Catholic reform. many wars from religious conflicts because catholic government wanted to stop Protestantism in their countries. A civil war broke out in France and the Netherlands. It also was a factor in Spain vs. England and the Thirty Years War in Germany. During Counter Reformation religious passion increased and the church became popular. The Counter reformation effected art and literature and emotion.

Henry VII

King Henry VII

King Henry was the England king, and the break from the catholic church was because the pope Clement VII refused king Henry to get divorced from his first wife Catherine of Aragon. He divorced her because she only had one child that was a daughter and wanted a son to be the air to the throne. In 1584 parliament passed the act of Supremacy. The effect: was the monarch was the head of the church.

Impacts of the Reformation

Political, economical, and social impacts.

Europe was divided into the catholic and protestant countries. Protestant followers had many denominations that developed all over Europe. Another effect was religious diversity was needed for religious toleration and respect. The Catholic church had new purity and strength from a movement called the Counter Reformation.

Critical Thinking Question: If the Protestant Reformation didn't happen, how would that effect history?

Answer what you think would be the answer to the critical question below.

Essential Question: How did the Protestant Reformation impact early Europe?