Crystal Cave

We did gem panning at Crystal Cave.

Yesterday, our class went to Crystal Cave for a field trip. The Cave was so cool and exciting!. They told us a story about Charlie the caveman and how he had a boat accident in the cave when it was half filled with water. Underground when it was damp and cold, we got little cave kisses which are tiny drops of water coming down from the ceiling and landing on your head or hand. There was a cool room called the wish room, and there was coins sticking to the wall.  A long time ago, they would put the coins into the wall and make a wish. I had a really great time at Crystal Cave. Someday I am going to go there again with my Family, so I can show them all of the cool stuff and rock formations that I saw and share with them what I learned.

This is a picture of some of the old, old fossils that they found from animals.
This is a picture of a bat hanging from the ceiling over our heads.
This is some of the rock formations we saw when we were underground.

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