Map of Alagaesia

Never judge things on size but whats inside it may just change your life.-Sidney Logg

Eragon,a young,poor,farmer boy one day goes out to find game but ends up the game leads him to the "Spine'' .The ''Spine'' is where all strange things come from,which is where Eragon finds a perfect,blue,polished,stone.He takes it home hoping to trade it for food.

The ''stone'' is actually a dragon egg that is waiting for its new rider. Eragon turns out being the rider and is flewn into a world of magic,monsters,and legends. Eragon then gets chased by the evil Galbatorix, that is after him by being the very last dragon rider.He must save everybody from the cruel rules of Galbatorix.Join Eragon as he experiences loss and adventure like he never thought he would.

Text to self

My text-to-self is that I have to choose hard choices too,I can choose to be a rebel and do drugs or stay drug-free and stay in school like im supposed to.


I really liked this book, its very detailed and is really long but its definitely worth it.I recommend this book to anyone who likes a little bit of gore,action,and loss, and a lot of magic.On a scale from one to ten it is definitely a ten because of the very well details and suspense.

Extra credit

''You don't know what it is to reach my age,look back,and realize that you don't remember much of it;then to look forward and know that many years still lie ahead of you..''I very much relate to this quote because I know that lots of people say to make the most of your life and do the best that you can,and I know that is exactly what Brom is explaining to Eragon.My text to self is to make the most of my life and choose wise choices because you only get one chance.''His family needed the meat for the rapidly approaching winter and could not afford to buy it in Carvahall.''I can relate to this by a text-to-world response.Because lots of people in the U.S. live in poverty,which causes lots of thoughts like this.My last quote is ''I will treat him as if he had been sired by Gildintor,the greatest steed of legend''.This is a relate to myself because I exaggerate alot,but sometimes its serious to exaggerate.-Sidney (director)

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