Civil war Journal

journal Entry #1

My name is Thomas Everett , I am 31 years old.I live on a potato farm in Illinois, I have no family . I am a General in  Union army, I was with the Union because I was against slavery. I   have lived on my farm my whole life my father gave it to me before he  died.

Your Headline

I'm ready to go to war

The grass outside my tent.

Journal Entry #2

Ethan: do you want some goobers since you're wallpapered

Max: Bully, that bugger didn't me have any sheet iron crackers

Ethan: be careful, i had a quick step after I ate some of those.

Max: Thanks, this will calm me down after I skedaddled when I heard a hornet.

Ethan: I am as fit as a fiddle, lets grab a root

Max: BULLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Arnold,

Journal Entry #3

Our camp is in a forest in Pennsylvania. We get up early every morning to drill we stop to do chores then we keep doing more drills. Life at camp isn't that great, all of the the tents surround the place were we get food and the commanding officers tents. The tents are small and we don't get a lot of sleep. One time one of my friends didn't polish his shoes so he had to carry around a log instead of a gun. How are things back at home?

Sincerely, Thomas

The sunrise in the morning.

Journal Entry #4

Jeremiah when you chose to lie about your age what caused you to make that choice? because it was more exciting

Jeremiah looked back what is something in your life that you are proud or happy about?

That I joined the army.

Jeremiah what is one thing about your life you wish were different?

That I stayed with so I could be with

Jeremiah what do you think about leaving your mother.

For fun I played cards

Journal Entry #5

Camp life is hard and boring,For fun I played cards My favorite food was cornbread even thought it was moldy but it was better than hard tack because it isn't so hard to eat and there isn't bugs in it.

Journal Entry #6

Walkin round the countryside with my musket in my hand,

shootin all da rabbits and squirrels.

I hear the General scream and shout

hes alls fat and stout

hes a little bald so he looks like a trout

I mistake him for a squirrel so I shot him in the face

And cook him up real good

He tastes like shrimp with a little salt

so i spit it out and go shoot me a squirrel

Then i keep on marchin south

I'm waiting for the fighting to start.

Journal Entry #7

Someone got shot in there leg and he didn't get treatment for a couple of days so the surgeon had to amputate his leg

The potatoes at my farm

Journal Entry #8

The war is over and the North has won. By winning the war we have stopped slavery and defeated the South. After fighting in the war for 3 years I am excited and happy that is is over and I finally get to go home.

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