from Edwin and Jhovanna

in Columbia some times it is hot and the weather doesnt adjust that much because it is close to the equator some times it is hot and in a few hours it can be cold.

the museums in columbia have the same things that we have.there are aquariums and science museums also there culture is also different instead of having new years on january the first they have theirs December 31  

one of the most visited beaches

one of the most popular sports in Colombia is soccer or in Colombia its  known as football also the beach is a popular place to go one of the famous beaches is San Andres Island also the parks are another way to have fun.

if you go to Colombia on bus it will not be a nice ride it is bumpy and also it is not silent either also since most of the people travel on bus the bus also goes to far away places. in some cities there are bus stops and in others you just have to wave at the bus to get its attention  and other transportation that you can use is a train

colombia has a lot of oceans and in some places the ocean is close to you

this is the one with the map colombia is a big place and it has a lot of interesting countries

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