Brighton Beach Memoirs

the great depression

The great depression happened back in October 24th 1929 to the year of 1939 millions of people in the nation lost their jobs to the stock market crash. Many people in the U.S. were effected by this destruction of the stock market. Only few were not effected by the stock market crash mainly the wealthy but, even then many of them lost things too. Many people lost their homes and jobs adults and children had to live out on the streets. The city of new your was probably the most effected because the people in the stock market lost their jobs and their money. Those were the events that occurred during the great depression.

college in the 1930's

The normal tuition in the 1930's was about 400 dollars the only one that cost more was if you wanted to go into medicine. The books, dorm and supply were about 15 dollars to have all the things you needed. Cost of the tuition and supply back in the 1930's were way less than the present day. The present day mascot was the same as in the 1930's Paydirt Pete.

The daily cost of things back in the day was less but more to them. The cost for one gallon of gas cost around 17 cents. The daily amount spent on food was about a dollar a day so about 3 dollars in food per day. The cost of an new car was about 640 dollars and about 700 in the 1939.

Dear Mr.stroheim,

I am sorry for the inconvenience I know that I should not have tried to help Andrew. I know that I shouldn't have intervened with your situation. Andrew should have done his job and I shouldn't have stood up for him. Please let this not change your thought of me.

Swiping the dust on your shoes was not the right thing to do. Living in a house with seven people messes with me because there is a lot of arguing. People can change my decisions of what I think. Having to stand up for people at my home makes me want to stand up for others.

please return my job to me and let me work for you once again. My father just lost his job and we could really use the money. This as I said will support my the big family that is in my house. Please this will be a great help and I need this more than ever right now. This is all up to you Mr.Stroheim.

The Lion King

The first Broadway show was resealed in 1997 and now watched my millions. The costs of tickets is one hundred and forty four dollars. The first show took two hundred workers and six months to make. The show has been shown fourteen states and two other countries.


Brighton Beach Memoirs is one of the funniest and dirtiest books I have ever read before. If you have not read this book I highly recommend it. Mainly this is an adult content book and not for children. To Neil Simon for writing such an interesting book and play. Still if you haven't seen this play please do I believe you will find it very funny when you do.

-Keven T. Carrillo

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