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The business side of the makeup

  Cosmetic merchandising and marketing is a very fun career, if you are into makeup and other cosmetic type things. You could work in a successful makeup brand office, or work by promoting the advertisement of a brands product, or even make your own brand, which could turn into a the next best thing in cosmetics. This career is not just about playing around with makeup, you get to see your creativity come to life, through products.

  Currently schooling for a major in beauty industry marketing is very limited but there is one school in Los Angeles, California, but it is worth it. The school is called, Fashion Industry of Design and Merchandising, or FIDM for short. FIDM has many campuses, but the one in Los Angeles is where they have a program for this major. The program takes 2 years to finish, it shows you how to create beauty products, and even make successful business plan in the beauty world. FIDM also gives you the opportunity to intern at places like Urban Decay, and Smashbox Cosmetics, which are two very successful beauty brands.

This is what FIDM Los Angeles looks like, it looks a bit bland on the outside but it is an explosion of creativity inside.

   The beauty marketing industry is an amazing career because, many girls and women use makeup all around the world. The profits are great, but the real prize is getting women to love the way they look, and seeing them enhance their own beauty. As you can see from the picture above, most girls begin to use makeup at 13-15 years old, which is a really awkward stage in life especially when it comes to confidence, makeup can help them show a strong face against this state of awkwardness.

a look inside one successful cosmetic brands.

  Above is an office in the Urban Decay head quarters, as you can see it is very unique and pretty, this is the kind of job you can land after you get your degree. For this job you need a creative and open mind that is also very statistical when it comes to business. In the video below you get to see more inside the offices of Urban Decay.

   However, Urban Decay is only one of the many wonderful brands in this industry, such as Tarte, Mac cosmetics, Benefit, and Revlon, which gives you many options when you are getting a job have many options. Like I said, you could even make your own successful brand and be your own boss. The salary may depend, but the beauty industry is a multimillionaire business, so the job can pay really well if you work hard enough and put in as much effort as possible to help keep the company running great. Benefits to jobs in this industry can range from travelling on business trips to exotic places for inspiration, to becoming an entrepreneur, but the biggest one is knowing you are helping people become more confident in the way they look, which is always the greatest feeling in my opinion.

  What really inspired me to choose this career was because it is honestly one of  my passions, I personally think makeup is extremely fun and a great way to express yourself, and add a boost of confidence all at once.

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