Learn skills to help you shift and be more effective both at work and home

Life is too short to feel like this...

Everyday I work with people who complain about the amount of endless work, their lack of time and the effect it is having on their health and interpersonal relationships. Working through lunch, snapping at coworkers and family, feeling too tired to enjoy free time and trying to live based on increasingly high business expectations are leaving us without hope. What if you were to take a time-out to refocus on yourself? In this 1/2 day workshop you will leave with tools to help you  SHIFT into a healthier way to approach customers, coworkers and family members when messages are hard.

As a Certified Co-Active Coach who has worked with thousands of Customer Service folks for over 25 years- I look forward to helping you cope...

Here's what you will leave with:

  • A greater sense of self awareness and control over how you react
  • Tools for you to refer to which will help remind you of the learning
  • Knowledge of how "Crazybusy" leads to serious health and relationship concerns
  • A customized plan which you can take with you and a community who will support you as you move forward





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