Sarah Zylberfuden

Photography Portfolio

Friday Nights

I took this photo when I went to the H.O.T. fair. I brought my camera with me, and wanted to take a nice light picture that was blurred.

Game Day

This photo was taken for an elements project in Photojournalism.

following the path

I took this photo for a Photojournalism project. i used the chalk and the line i drew as a leading line.

Ice, ice, baby

This photo was taken when school was released early due to bad weather. i saw the icicles on my roof and decided that it would be a nice shot.

Spring time

This photo was taken for a nature project i had. It was taken at my house in my own backyard.

Animal Modeling

this photo was taken for a Photo Essay project. I like the way it was edited to where only the cool colors weren't black and white.

Living Freely

A little girl dancing in front of a stage without any concern as to who was watching.

Sneak a Peek

My sister willingly let me take photos of her for a portrait project.

Puppy Love

My friend holding my dog, Peanut in my backyard.

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