All About My 7th Grade Year

10. Science Olympiad Kenston

The tournament was held at Kenston and the teams received many ribbons and medals.  

9. Outsiders Day

Outsiders Day was an H/ELA  event. We all dressed up as Socs or Greasers and had an intellectual rumble. Some of the events included password and games. one game we tried to get a cotton ball

8. Peer Buddies

In 7th grade a new option opens up to replace study hall. I joined peer buddies, to help out in Mrs. Schweickert's class. Study hall is boring, but peer buddies couldn't possibly be better and more fun than it is. Honestly, the less time you think that you will have to get something done, the more focused and therefor prepared you will be.

7. Watching the Musical

The musical was Mary Poppins. The set was amazing and the crew was fantastic at switching it quickly. The costume was great and actors and actresses were talented.

6. Watching the Talent Show

The talent show featured many people from our school. There were many acts that were performed by people I knew. Some of the talents would surprise you; you'd never know that these people could do whatever they performed.

5. Awards Night

Awards Night is an event that congratulates students from KMS that do well. I was lucky enough to be invited. There are awards fro grade point average, athletics, extracurricular activites, and volenterring.

4. Spring Break

Spring Break was fantastic! I went to Costa Rica.  Our family is close friends with another family, and all my siblings and theirs get along well, usually. We've been going to spring break with them for the past 3 years, but I think that this year was the best.

3. Art Show

Mrs. Seitz and Mrs. Vejar did a great job putting together the show. All of the pieces there were beautiful. I loved the senior portfolios. Try to check it out while out of school, youll have more time to look at everything.

This is one piece that I had in the show.

2. Camp

Camp was definitely a highlight. The activities were all very fun, and it was planned well. Thanks Mrs. Burton!  Our counselor was really cool too. Do not over pack. You will have to carry it over a mountain, or at least up and down a hill.

This song was our cabin's theme song.

1. Science Olympiad State Competition

The state Competition was incredibly fun! Our tem did well too, which made the day even better.  We placed twelfth out of forty five teams, including Solon who won a national championship.  

This was our team song. I think over the year, I've herd it 100 times!

Core Class- Technology Education

Tech Ed was a class that focuses on making studentes better at working computers. We do coding, including a 20 hour code class. Also, we make our own website.

This Photoshop Portfolio is all that we did with Photoshop this year!

HELA Greatests Moments

1. We Video

In We Video you can create a video that is edited by you. Most likely you will have to use this site. It has a very nice finished outcome, but takes a long time if you want to do it correctly.

2. Face Morpho

We used a face morpho to see into two different characeers. Throught Quotes, picture, words, and a small description we had to make a person know a character.

3. Outsiders Day

This event was incredibly fun. It made the Top Ten List. Everyone in the grade dressed up as either a Greaser or a Soc.


Never be afraid to ask for help, there will always be someone there. If you do, your issue will be solved. Easy as a question.

A La Carte- Extracurricular

I highly recommend Science Olympiad. Science Olympiad was easily one of the best parts of seventh grade. I learned so much and made friends that I love. Coach Kupiec and Coach Sofranko are amazing. You'll have a great time.

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