7th Grade Memories

Top 10 Memories of 7th Grade

1. Science Olympiad

Science Olympiad is an extracurricular activity. It features many different activities and topics that each student studies for a tournament for. The tournaments are always on Saturday's and the practices are usually Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursdays, and some Saturdays as well.

2. Camp

Camp is the field trip that all 7th graders (or most of the 7th graders) go on and it features many activities that you do each day. Some of the activities that were there this year were Ultimate Frisbee, Outdoor Cooking, Orienteering, Arts & Crafts, Camo Games, Nature Hike, Creek Walk, and Challenge Course. The cabins were small (Beware) and there wasn't much room. Plus the girls had to hike down a ravine and up a ravine with all their stuff. Below was our cabin song.

3. Monomyth (The Road of Trials)

In my HELA class, we did an activity featuring the Monomyth. The monomyth is a series of events that usually happen in the plot of each story. The plot of our story was that our teacher, Mrs. Krisfalusy, had been taken by some trolls and it was our job to do a bunch of activities to try to rescue

4. Outsider's Day

Outsider's day was a project we did in HELA class where we dressed up like a Greaser or Soc and played games.

5. Talent Show

The Kenston Middle School Talent Show took place on April 24, 2015 and it was a very good show! Many people participated and each act was enjoyable to watch.

6.  Musical (Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat)

The Middle School Musical this year was Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. The plot was about a son who received a colorful coat from his father.

7. Radio Drama

In HELA class we did a Radio Drama. A radio drama is like a play but only for listening. There is no visuals just audio.

8. Weather Study Project in Science

In Science class, we learned about instruments that each measure weather in a different way. We created our own versions of each weather instrument.

9. Peace Day Soccer Game

On peace day, the teachers and students played a game of soccer against each other. The girls won against the teachers!

HELA Moments

10. Teacher Student Basketball Game

Since PARCC testing had just ended, the teachers and students got together in the gym and played a game of basketball against each other! Teachers won against the students!

1. Uglies Face Morpho

In HELA, we read a book called the Uglies and the plot of the novel was that once you hit age 16, you would have a surgery to make you pretty. We created a face morpho (which is what Uglies would play with when they wanted to see what they would look like pretty) and we connected it to two of the main characters. Tally, who always wanted to be a pretty, and Shay, who doesn't want to change into a pretty.

2. John's Comments

In my HELA class, we had a kid named John Palmer. Almost every single day, he would make the class laugh. One class, he always used the word melancholy to describe things. Another class, when Mrs. Kris was out of the room, he got up in front of the class and started "teaching" us about how to cross the border.

3. Tiered Question Races

Another thing we did in HELA was the Tiered Question races. We would write our own tiered questions and then one person would race up to the front of the room, pick a random question notecard, and then answer it in detail then pass the turn on to someone else.

Core Class


In Science class, we learned about weather, biomes, populations, astronomy, elements of the periodic table, and many other things. With the weather unit, we created our own weather instruments to measure the wind speed, wind direction, temperature, and atmospheric pressure. With the astronomy unit we created a tackk about the unit and documented the moon phases.


Camp was fun and entertaining. All the activities we did were exciting and were very interactive.  Some of the activities were Ultimate Frisbee, Outdoor Cooking, Orienteering, Creek Walk, Pond Study, and Arts & Crafts. Our cabins were really small and crowded with graffiti all over the walls. The girls had to take their luggage down a hill and then back up to get to our cabins. The food was very good and my camp group had to cleanup and setup for two of the meals in the week there.

Survival Tips For 7th Grade

Now for the survival tips to 7th Grade... Duh duh duh! Well, actually, not really survival. Just tips that will help you achieve your highest potential. First off, now that you aren't a sixth grader, you won't be completely stampeded and knocked everywhere in the halls. Two, if your teacher lets you out of class before the bell, run. When the bells ring, everyone pours out of the classrooms so, take the opportunity to go before everyone else. Three, buy lots of notebook paper. I myself had five stacks and it was gone by Quarter 2. Well, that's about all I have to say.

My Precept

"Always look up at the sky and wonder about your place in the stars but always keep an eye out for where you are walking on the Earth."

That's All Folks

That is about it from my 7th Grade experience! It wasn't much but it was fun nevertheless. Good luck in 7th Grade!

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