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Running on Water

Running on Water

This is a picture of my brother that was teken at our new house. the picture is of him running across the pool cover. The spashing of the water and the sun set in the backgroung mixed witht the perfect running shape make this picture a one to remember.

Touching the Sun

This was a merger picture of my brother. the sun is being held

Smiling Pup


This picture was a portrait of my dog and he made a really funny and intresting face to the camera while he was chrewing on his bone. The picture turned out looking like the dog was smiling for the camera so I brightened up the colors on photoshop which made the color of the couch lighten up.  

Macro Wood

Macro Wood

Don't put your cat on this!

This is a picture that I took in my backyard of a log that we often shoot at with airsoft guns. and it turned out to look really cool because a part of the log in in focus and smooth and the other part of the log is blured out resulting in a intresting photo.  

There is a hole in a Tree! # that's new

This picture was composed from a leading tree that was leaning over a river and i saw that there was a hole in it. This made it really intresting and unique, so i took a shot of the tree by puting the camera against the bark and taking low shot of the hole so you could see right through the hole and to the other side.

Summer Bloom

I really like the focus of the Dandelion and the blured background. It was also composed from a low angle which you don't see very often.  

Green Droplet

oh Flower


Photo Bomb

Guy in a Tree



Siting on water

That Orange Tip  


The Arab Vision

This picture might seem creepy but it is one of my favorite pictures that I have taken. I got this scarff in Jordan (Middle East) and it represents the palestinian people and the cool thing is the subject that wore the head scraff was my brother that was born in the west bank in palestine, which I thought was really cool.  subject: Elijah McBride

Siting in Paint

This is a Beautiful picture of my sister in a path of blue bonnets near our house and i really like this picture because of the forground and background and how weel they work together to give an intresting feel to the picture. I also like how much color there is to the picture and how it gives the emotion to the photograph.

Keep Smiling

Depression in the Animal World

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