Freak the mighty
by: natalee and mackenzie

Freak the mighty is a true story and is  by an author named Rodman Philbrick . The book is about a boy named max that is slow and a boy named freak who has Morquio  syndrome . Max is really tall and freak is really small. Max never had a brain until freak came along . Max and freak a.k.a Kevin became friends. They got there name freak the mighty when blade a.k.a tony D. Chased them into a muddy pond. Blade and his gang through rocks at them tying to hurt them. When tony D. Got stuck in the muddy pond up to his neck. Freak being really smart yelled for help when he saw a police car that was patrolling that night. When the officers asked who they were freak said, " freak the mighty , that's who we are . Where nine feet tall, incase you haven't noticed ." Later in the book freak the mighty go on quest and turn everything into an adventure . Freak uses words that they used in the medieval times and really showed max to be confident and have fun.

King Arthur

King Arthur was the first born son of Uther Pendragon and  was air to the throne . He was sent to Merlin for safety and then sent to another man to live with him. King Arthur never knew who his real parents were. When king Uther died people didn't know he had a son so there was a big debate on who the next high-king should be. Suddenly a mysterious stone magically appeared in the churchyard of St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. Sticking out of it was a huge sword. There was a message on the stone . It said that whoever pulled the sword from the stone was the rightful High-King . Lots of the local kings  tried to pull the sword out, but know could do it .  It was magically stuck though and the arguing carried on.Years later, Arthur  had grown into a fifteen year old boy . It was time for his elder foster-brother, Kay, to go to his first tournament . So the family went to London.Arthur got into trouble because he had forgotten his brothers sword. So he went off to look for one.He found the sword in the stone and pulled it out easily.Arthur gave the sword to His brother. His brother Kay noticed the message and everyone wanted to know who had pulled the sword from the stone.At first, no one believed that Arthur had done it. But he repeated what he had done. Everyone was astonished . King author became king and after a couple years with his wife he died.

The knights of the round table

The knights of the round table were brothers in arms. The knights were men of courage, honor, dignity, courtesy , nombleness. They protected ladies and damsels , honored and fought for kings, and undertook dangerous quest.

Morquio syndrome

Morquio syndrome is an inherited disease of metabolism in which the body is missing or doesn't have enough of a substance needed to break down long chains of sugar molecules called glycosaminoglycans . The symptoms of this disease are : abnormal development of bones , including the spine, bell-shaped chest with ribs flared out at the bottom, coarse facial features, hyper mobile joints, knock knees, large head, widely shaped teeth, and short stature with particularly short trunk.

Morquio syndrome is an autosomal recessive trait . If both parents carry the defective gene related to this condition , each of their children has a 25% chance of developing the disease.

There isn't a specific treatment for morquio syndrome . Researchers are currently testing a possible treatment involving enzyme   Replacement .  Purple who have morquio syndrome don't normally live a full life . They die at young agaes. If they live to be in there forties that a long life for them.

People with this disease are estimated 1 out of every 200,000 births. Ages between 1 and 3 .

In the book freak the mighty , freak has morquio syndrome .


What is bionics? Bionics is the replacement of enhancement of organs or other body parts by mechanical versions . Where does the name biomimicry come from? It was used by Greeks to title on its papers . It means the imitation of modules .

What are examples of how studying nature and living organisms benefit humans? If you don't have an arm or leg you can study bionics .

What is prosthesis ? How can it improve the life of an individual ? An artificial body part . It can let you do what normal humans can do. People with a bionic leg can still run as fast as a normal human with 2 legs .   

In the book freak wants to have a robot body. That is like bionics because if someone lost their arm they can get a bionic one.

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